A whole system for clothes store loss prevention


loss prevention system

In a clothing store for an example, you only need to install the anti-theft antenna by the front door and pin the security tags on the clothes. If someone takes unpaid clothes past that door and the antenna, antenna will alarm to tell you that unpaid merchandise is being taken out. But if customers select clothing, take the items to a check-out and pay, the cashier will use the detacher to remove tags from clothes, so normal shopping customers will not be subject to a security system. Anti-theft systems reduce loss without impacting sales and will bring more profits by reducing shop lifting theft.



How it works
As you can see in the picture, the EAS system works like this: A security tag attached to a product responds to a specific frequency emitted by a transmitter antenna (usually one pedestal of the entry/exit gate). The response from the label or tag is then detected by an adjacent receiver antenna (the other pedestal). This processes the tag response signal and will trigger an alarm when it matches specific criteria. 


Electronic article surveillance Sensor

Electronic article surveillance Sensor

Uses the high strength aluminum alloy material, anti impact design makes the system durability.

DSP motherboard, good anti-interference ability and high detection rate.

Antenna Dimensions: 160cmx35cm (HxW)

Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)

1 pair can coverage: Large Tag: 1.6m, Mini Tag: 1.3m, 4x4 Label: 0.9m

3PCS can coverage: Large Tag: 3.2m, Mini Tag: 2.6m, 4x4 Label: 1.8m

Packing: 1pair/carton, 161*46*21cm, 16kg, 31KG(Volume weight)

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Security tag

This Mini tag can protect: clothes, dresses, hats, shoes and other accessories. Mini square tag can be used with a  pin to protect clothes, also can be used with a loop lanyard with pin, or pin lanyard to protect shoes, bags, and some sports equipment. This retail store security tag requires a standard magnetic detacher to remove the pin or lanyard.

Tag Dimensions: 48*42mm (approx)

Technology: Radio Frequency

Packing: 1,000PCS/carton, 44*31*19cm, 10kg

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Tag remover

This Normal detacher is the most common use security tags remover, detacher can removes the pin from eas tags and remove tags from clothes. Magnetic force: >=4,500GS

Packing: 1PC/box, 8*8*3.5cm, 0.18kg

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For a general small clothing store, an EAS system usually requires 1 pair EAS sensor, around 1000pcs security tags, 1 detachers, costing less than 300 dollars.

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