What are differences between label and tag

Label is a delicate stick that is fixed on the items. The delicacy of label makes it possible to be fixed on various object or is implanted inside good container; however, due to the structural delicacy, it has poor response and therefore, it is recommended to be used in double pedestal (dual antenna). The label response in comparison with tag is around 60 percent; however, as mentioned before, label could be field on some objects where tag is not suitable for protecting them. For example, to protect perfume and cologne, tag could not be used while label could be fixed on perfume bottle.

Label is far less expensive than tag (almost one tenth of tag price); however, it is disposable and should be deactivated by deactivator when the object is sold.

Tag is a hard object that has two parts of body and maintaining pin (with keeping body and staple) and is fixed on objects fairly. It could be removed from the object only by detacher (unlike label that could be removed as it is stuck).

The larger size and higher precision of tag due to its internal circuits gives it better response than label.

The hardness of tag gives it longer life than label and it could function for years with no problem.

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