SuperTag Visible Source Tag

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SuperTag Visible Source Tag
SuperTag Visible Source Tag
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SuperTag Visible Source Tag Specification

Tag Dimensions: 58.5*30*18.5mm(approx)

Color: Black/Gray or Customized

Compatibility: Sensormatic Systems and all 58 KHz AM Systems

Technology: Acousto Magnetic

Frequency: 58 KHz AM

Lock: Sensormatic Type

Compatible Detacher: Supertag series detacher

Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000PCS (includes pin)

Packing: 1,000PCS/carton, 44*30*18cm, 7kg



The SuperTag VST is a small, lightweight anti-shoplifting hard tag. When an item is sold, store associates simply remove the tag at the point-of-sale and discard it—no need to store, re-stock or manage tag inventories afterwards. The SuperTag VST is applied at the manufacturing source to a broad range of soft goods, so retailers can devote their time and energy to serving customers instead of tagging merchandise in the store. The SuperTag VST is a disposable hard tag, it can not reuse. we can also supply Reusable SuperTag VST.


The SuperTag I and Super Tag II is a great visual theft deterrent. The Super Tag is sleeker more aesthetically appealing antitheft tag than the Ultra*Gator and uses the most secure locking mechanism available. AM Security tags - Super Tags can be not be shielded by aluminum foil-lined bags. 


The SuperTag cannot be removed without the correct detacher. Sensormatic Super Tag is the best retail security tag available for clothing. Patented Sensormatic detachers have an embedded security tag that sound the detection system if one is brought into or out of the store.Protect your store with the Super Tag and put your mind at rest.


It’s compatible with any of your existing 58KHz AM detectors systems, SuperTag hand and power detachers, all SuperTag tacks, plus Versaties and other accessories. So it lets you make the most of your existing security investment. The Super Tag is not compatible with Sensormatic Microwave anti theft systems or Checkpoint 8.2MHz systems.

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